Components & Supplies

Machines & Tools

Parallel Bars

Plaster Work Table

Flat Bed Oven

The welded steel frame construction is either made of 30 x 30 x 3 mm or 60 x 30 x 3 mm square tubing

Heating Cabinet

Air convection oven for heating of plastic sheet materials, also suitable for deep-drawing with frame, drying of plaster casts and for sintering technic

Hot Sealing Iron

For sealing of PVC- and PVA sheeting

Oscillating Cast Cutter “Standard”

Paring and Trimming Machine

for leather, rubber and other materials, with long steel arm and welt pressing device

Shoe Stretcher “Eupedus”

“Double Boot Unit”

Vacumat Plus Type 262

Vacuum unit for the manufacture of thin-walled cast resin laminates and thermoplastic deep-drawing works

Mobile Compressor

Pneumatic Stapler

for upholstering, tacking, ect., for staple size 6-16mm length, with brass nipple for connection to quick hose coupling

Welding Table

Angle-iron frame with slag receiver tray and grate: one half made of fireclay brick, other half made of round steel bars

Socket Router HF 3 VARIO

Rasp Head

For wood, hard foam and soft foam works, medium cut, Dimensions = Diameter x Length

Wide Belt Sander

Combination Sander

Dust Suction Unit Mobile 160

Double Grinder

Special Band Saw Model “Universal Cutter”

For cutting of metals, plastics and wood, as well as for all materials used in orthopedic workshops

Floor Type Drill Press

Pfaff Mauser Special 565

zig-zag double locksmith sewing machine with bottom feed

Adler Shoe Patching Machine 30/70

long arm, for heavy and strong leather

Trimming and Sanding Machine

Ball Peen Hammer

Peen Hammer

Combination Pliers

Angled Snipe Nose Pliers

End Cutting Nippers

Manchester Pliers

Grip Pliers

Chisel/Punch Set

Rivet Setter

Automatic Center Punch

Screw Driver

T-Handle Hex Wrench

Torque Wrench


Drill Bit, HSS (DIN 338)

straight shank, right-hand cut

Forstner Drill

straight shank, extra long

Tap and Die Set HSS (DIN)

36-part, in metal case

Vernier Caliper

Pelvic Level

for deternimation of the hip tilt

Measuring Gauge

For inside circumferences: 23 – 68 mm and 12 – 37 mm

Shoe Stretcher

Hammer Stretching Pliers

for leather, steel-forged, plastic coated handles

Revolving Hole Punch

File – Flat

without handle

Replacement Blade

length 250 mm

Leather Knife

cambered blade

Skiving Knife

Shoemaker’s knife

Tailor’s Scissors

Bandage Scissors “Lister”

Hand Lever Shears

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